EMOTIVITY by Belly Kanungo


Emotivity is a self-help kind of book written by first time author Belly Kanungo. It is a short book, with short chapters and that works in favor of the reader. The book is designed in a way that you need not follow a fixed pattern to read the book, you can go to any chapter and read it, the sequence to read it is not that important.

The book is written in a simple, easy to read language and this is very important considering it being a self-help book.  It is utmost necessary that the reader understands everything the author wants to say and ultimately help him or her to get inspired and get going.

The book is targeted to mainly creative individuals specially those who want to do something but is hesitant. This may be due to various factors like confidence, environment, financial security etc. Belly succeeds in showcasing all such fears which a creative individual might be facing in a systematic manner and how to deal with it and simply get going in achieving ones creative goal.

She clearly explains that each individual is sent to this planet by God to do some particular deed and we should follow our heart and go with the flow and fulfill all our aspirations, no matter what hurdles you might come across.

She explains the possible causes and situations where in creative people are likely to face obstacles and what ideally should be done in those cases. She explains in first person her own story, struggles and the way she handled all the situations to become what she is today. Her story is inspiring, could be used as a guide and her examples should help in paving the way to success.

Belly has been brave enough to give real examples of her own life, she has not shied away from writing down her weaknesses in front of the world, and rather she shows how she overcomes it. Any reader will surely identify his or her problem with Belly’s and will get encouraged to get up and move ahead with his or her creative dream.

Belly’s writing is simple yet mature. It doesn’t seem to be her first novel, she seems seasoned enough to inspire, to encourage and to give hope to all the creative minds out there who want to move ahead, listen to their heart, fulfill their passion but are not doing so for some particular reason.

Belly has used quotes from famous people in a beautiful way and in the correct situation. The book has been well thought of and every quote or verse is inserted where it would enhance the content and not simply be an addition to the text.

One will be tempted to read the book in one go, but I would suggest that one reads the book, a few sections at a time, so that every word is well understood, every sentence is grasped well and each time you close the book , you get encouraged bit by bit.

Overall, the book is a keeper, which any creative person should continue reading every once in a while, every time he or she feels low, this is the go to book, to keep up the spirits, to keep up the encouragement, to keep up the passion!

In case you wish to purchase this book,“Grab your copy from BecomeShakespeare.com”.

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